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This information is not the official version of the Official Compilation of the Rules and Regulations of the State of New York (NYCRR). No representation is made as to its accuracy, nor may it be used as an official business record of the New York State Department of Public Service. To ensure accuracy and for evidentiary purposes, reference should be made to the official NYCRR. The Official NYCRR is available from West Publishing: 1-800-344-5009.
NYCRR 16 is also maintained by the NYS Department of State
NYCRR 16 Rules and Regulations of the Public Service Commission

Complete TOC

Chapter Listing
  •   01 Rules of Procedure -- Volume: A
  •   02 Electric Utilities -- Volume: A
  •   Appendix Volume A -- Volume: A
  •   03 Gas Utilities -- Volume: B
  •   04 Steam Utilities -- Volume: B
  •   Appendix Volume B -- Volume: B
  •   05 Waterworks Corporations -- Volume: C
  •   06 Telephone and Telegraph Corporations -- Volume: C
  •   07 Provisions Affecting Two or More Kinds of Public Service -- Volume: C
  •   08 Cable Television -- Volume: C
  •   Appendix Volume C -- Volume: C