Case 17-E-0057: Port Jefferson and Glenwood Energy Centers

National Grid filed a petition with the New York State Public Service Commission (Commission) seeking to eliminate the restrictions that limits energy generation from its Port Jefferson (Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County) and Glenwood Energy (Town of Oyster Bay, Nassau County) Centers.

Public Statement Hearing

The Commission is seeking public comment on the petition. Interested members of the public were invited to attend the hearings on March 21, 2017 and March 22, 2017 to provide comments before an Administrative Law Judge.
*All comments given at the hearing are transcribed and become part of the Commission's formal record.

Case Background
In 2001, pursuant to Section 68 of the New York State Public Service Law, the Commission granted Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity (Certificates) for the construction and operation of electric generation facilities in the Towns of Brookhaven and Oyster Bay. The facilities, known as the National Grid Port Jefferson Energy Center and the National Grid Glenwood Energy Center, are each powered by two natural gas combustion turbines with a capacity of producing 94 megawatts of electricity. The certificates limit the generation output that is delivered to the Long Island Power Authority’s (LIPA) electric transmission system to 79.9 MWs from each facility.
National Grid filed a petition with the Commission seeking to amend the certificates issued to the two electric generation facilities to eliminate the 79.9 MW cap on the facilities’ output. According to the petition, removing the restrictions will make additional generation available to LIPA and other power users and will improve the ability of the facilities to provide efficient and reliable generation service. National Grid states that LIPA’s electric transmission system can accommodate the additional 14.1 MW of generation from each facility.
Additional details are set forth in the Petition, which is available on the Commission’s website at To access information regarding the petition, click on “Search” and then enter case number “17-E-0057”. The Commission may approve, approve with changes, or reject the Petition in whole or in part.

Methods for Commenting on the Case

All comments can be made at the public statement hearing held on March 21 and 22, 2017 or submitted through the methods below:

  • Via Mail/E-Mail: Submit comments electronically to Kathleen H. Burgess, Secretary, at or by mail to Secretary Burgess at the New York State Department of Public Service, Three Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12223-1350. Comments delivered in these manners should reference the case number (17-E-0057).
  • Via the Department Website: Comments may be entered directly into the case via the website, by entering the associated case number in the Search option found on the homepage. After opening the case, enter comments in the “Post Comments” section located at the top of the page.
  • Call the Toll-free Opinion Line: Individuals may choose to submit comments by calling the Commission’s toll-free Opinion Line at 1-800-335-2120. This line is set up to receive in-state calls 24 hours a day. Callers should press “1” to leave comments about Case 17-E-0057. Comments received via the Opinion Line are not transcribed, but a summary is provided to the Commission for their consideration.

All comments will become part of the record considered by the Commission. Comments are requested by March 28, 2017.
For a printable version of the facts sheet, please see the pdf below:
17-E-0057 NIMO fact sheet.pdf17-E-0057 NIMO fact sheet.pdf

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