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Q. I am a small commerical customer. Where can I find rates for my business?
A. Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) are only required to post offers for residential rates. You can contact ESCOs directly to find out their non-residential offers.

Q. Are ESCOs required to honor the rates they post on the Power to Choose website?
A. Yes. If an ESCO has a rate posted in your zip code, they must honor that price. If you contact an ESCO and they state the offer is not available, please email us at powertochoose@dps.ny.gov.

Q. How can I see all the active offers listed on the website, not just those in my zip code?
A. If you scroll to the footer of any of the Power to Choose pages, you will see a link for "dataset". If you click on dataset, you can select to view "all active offers".

Q. How do I cancel my current ESCO?
A. It is best to contact your ESCO directly. They can advise you if your current contract has any early termination fees associated with a cancelation.

Q. Is there a difference between my local delivery utility variable rate and an ESCO variable rate?
A. Yes, the difference is that your local delivery utility variable rate varies month to month based on market conditions and is passed on to the customer with no profit made by the local delivery utility, while an ESCO variable rate is not necessarily tied to market conditions, but can vary depending on other factors outlined in your terms and conditions.

Q. What is "historic price data"?
A. Historic price data is the actual weighted average price for supply in each utility zone as reported by the ESCOs. ESCOs are required to provide the Department with the variable and/or 12 month fixed electric and/or gas prices for each previous quarter. Historic prices are not necessarily indicative of future supply prices.

Q. Why is there no data appearing on the historic pricing graph for the ESCO I selected? I only see my local utility data on the graph.
A. There are a few reasons why an ESCO will not have any data on the historic pricing graph:

    1. If the ESCO does not offer a variable or 12 month fixed rate product, they will not have any data for previous quarters.
    2. If the ESCO provides an energy-related value-added product (such as furnace repair or LED bulbs), they are not required to submit historic pricing per Commission Order.
    3. Some ESCOs are new to the market and do not have any historic data to report yet.
    4. The ESCO may have just begun serving in that particular utility service zone, so they do not have any data from previous quarters to report.
Q. What is a supply charge?
A. The supply portion of your bill is for actual energy (electric, gas) that you use, which can be purchased from an ESCO or your local utility company. Supply costs do not include your utility delivery charges (costs associated with delivering the energy supply to your home or business), basic service charges (the costs for meter reading, billing, equipment and maintenance), surcharges or taxes.

If you have a question regarding the Power to Choose website, please e-mail us at powertochoose@dps.ny.gov.
For more information on how to choose an energy supplier, please click here.

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