Cases 16-E-0060 and 16-G-0061:Con Ed

PSC Approves New Rate Plan with New
Initiatives & Renewable Power Options for ConEd Customers
Consumers Can Better Manage Electric Usage and Potentially Lower Bills

Through Less-Costly, Cleaner Alternatives in Meeting Electric Demand
The New York State Public Service Commission (Commission) announced that greater energy efficiency, smart-grid technologies and other money-saving alternatives will be available to an increasing number of Consolidated Edison customers under a new rate plan approved.The decision also includes measures to encourage the growth of solar and other renewable power resources, as well as measures to improve gas safety and broader discounts available for qualified low-income residential electric and gas customers.
“A number of important energy reforms and policy initiatives will move forward under the order,” said Commission Chair Audrey Zibelman. “The new plan furthers our efforts to move utilities toward a cleaner, more distributed, customer-centric model for utility service, along with less-costly and cleaner alternatives to traditional utility infrastructure investments. In addition, for both electric and gas, improvements are made to ensure the most vulnerable customers are protected and that the delivery systems are resilient and reliable.”
Under the order, new incentives will be available that will allow ratepayers to participate in and benefit from the Company’s ongoing efforts to lower peak demand and seek cost-effective alternatives to traditional electric infrastructure. Peak-load reduction is a primary goal of REV – Reforming the Energy Vision – New York State’s strategy to build a cleaner, more resilient and affordable energy system. REV is designed to lower peak demand and replace massive power systems with smaller, cleaner infrastructure alternatives or with outcomes which will help fight climate change and grow New York’s clean energy economy.
“Maintaining the status quo with an inefficient “peak-power” system year-round when it is only needed for a few days of peak power demand makes no sense,” added Chair Zibelman. “We can create a cleaner and more-affordable system through REV’s reliance on energy-efficiency and other cost-cutting initiatives.”
To see the full press release, dated January 24, 2017, please follow this link PSC Approves New Rate Plan.
A pdf version of the press release is also available below:
16093 16-E-0060 16-G-0061 15-E-0229.pdf16093 16-E-0060 16-G-0061 15-E-0229.pdf

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