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14-M-0101: Reforming the Energy Vision (REV)

About the Initiative

The energy industry is in transition. Technological innovation and increasing competitiveness of renewable energy resources, combined with aging infrastructure, extreme weather events, and system security and resiliency needs, are all leading to significant changes in how electric energy is produced, managed and consumed. New York State must lead the way to ensure these trends benefit the State’s citizens, whose lives are so directly affected by how electric energy is manufactured, distributed, and managed.

To meet this challenge, the Commission commenced its Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) initiative to reform New York State’s energy industry and regulatory practices. This initiative will lead to regulatory changes that promote more efficient use of energy, deeper penetration of renewable energy resources such as wind and solar, wider deployment of “distributed” energy resources, such as micro grids, on-site power supplies, and storage. It will also promote greater use of advanced energy management products to enhance demand elasticity and efficiencies. These changes, in turn, will empower customers by allowing them more choice in how they manage and consume electric energy.

The Commission has identified six core policy outcomes relating to customer knowledge, market animation, system-wide efficiency, fuels and resource diversity, system reliability and resiliency, and carbon reduction. A Staff Report and Proposal sets forth a vision for how to accomplish the Commission’s objectives. The proposal describes how customer-side resources can become a primary tool in the planning and operation of the utility system, which will improve system efficiency and enable the deployment of cleaner and more resilient technologies. The Report further explains how reforms in the utility ratemaking process will be necessary, to provide the correct incentives for utilities and markets to develop a cleaner and more efficient electric system.

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