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Filing Documents with the Secretary

Guidelines for Filing Documents with the Secretary (Updated 9/11/2015)

Section 3.5 of the Commission’s Rules (Documents filed with the Secretary) requires all “documents” (pleadings, briefs, applications, petitions, complaints, and any others offered) to be filed with the Secretary. Section 1000.3 of the Rules of the New York State Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment (Siting Board) also states that filings to the Siting Board must be made in accord with the rules of the Public Service Commission. Thus, Section 3.5 and these Guidelines, should govern all filings before the PSC and the Siting Board.

Electronic filing through the Department’s Document and Matter Management (DMM) System is preferred. DMM enables the submission and issuance of electronic documents with and from the Commission.

Rather than attempting to capture ever-changing technologies within the Commission’s regulations (which would require committing to rewriting the regulations with every technological development), the following current and specific guidelines for submissions are offered below. The Commission's Regulations, contained in 16 NYCRR Parts 1-6, 8 and 17, have been updated, as of February 11, 2011. These guidelines supplement and clarify expectations for all parties filing with the Secretary. These particular guidelines are not intended to be permanent; as technological processes and capacities change, so too will the guidelines. The following links will guide you through the DMM filing process.

Why Register with DMM?
How to Register with DMM

PSC Guidelines for electronic filings:


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