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08-E-0539: Staff Direct Testimony & Exhibits

08-E-0539 - Proceeding on Motion of the Commission as to the Rates, Charges, Rules and Regulations of Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. for Electric Service

Staff Direct Testimony & Exhibits

Electric Production Panel-Exh. 1.pdf
Electric Production Panel-Exh. 1-cover & index.pdf
Emergency Management Panel Exhibit __SEMP-1 Cover Pg.pdf
Emergency Management Panel REDACTED Exhibit__SEMP-1.pdf
Emergency Mgmt Testimony.pdf
Exhibit SIIP-1 Redacted Cover and Index.pdf
Exhibit SIIP-1 Redacted Final Exhibit.pdf
Finance Panel Exhibits.pdf
Finance Panel Testimony.pdf
Insogna Exhibits.pdf
Insogna testimony.pdf
Jones (R&D) Testimony.pdf
Kenndey REDACTED Exhibit __ (HMK-1).pdf
Kennedy REDACTED Testimony.pdf
Liu Exhibit-Final.pdf
Lui FINAL Testimony 9.4.08.pdf
Maiello Exhibit.pdf
Maiello Testimony.pdf
Michael Rieder Testimony.pdf
Morrell Exhibits.pdf
Morrell Testimony.Final.pdf
Municipal Infrastructure Support Panel - Exhibit.pdf
O'Connor Exhibit.pdf
O'Connor Testimony.pdf
Padula Exhibit Cover Redacted.pdf
Padula Exhibit__(MLP-1).Redacted.pdf
Padula testimony FINAL.pdf
Powell Testimony.pdf
R&D Exhibit__(NJ-1).pdf
Randt (LAR) Exhibit Cover Page.pdf
Randt FINAL Testimony.pdf
Redacted Accounting Panel exhibits.pdf
Redacted Accounting Panel testimony.pdf
Redacted Exhibit SSSP-1.pdf
Redacted Exhibit SSSP-2 through SSSP-4.pdf
Redacted Exhibit SSSP-Cover page and Index.pdf
Reliability Performance Mechanism Panel Testimony.pdf
RPM Exhibit__(RPMP-1).pdf
SIIP Exhibit 2.pdf
SIIP Exhibit 3.pdf
SIIP Exhibit 3.pdf
SIIP Exhibit 4.pdf
SIIP Exhibit 5.pdf
Staff Electric Production Panel - Testimony.pdf
Staff Infrastructure Investment Panel TESTIMONY.pdf
Staff Municipal Infrastructure Support Panel Testimony.pdf
Staff Shared Services Panel Testimony.pdf
Testimony & Exhibit Cover Letter 9-8-08.pdf

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