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09-E-0428: Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. - for Electric Service - 8/28/2009 - Staff Direct Testimony & Exhibits

09-E-0428 - Proceeding on Motion of the Commission as to the Rates, Charges, Rules and Regulations of Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. for Electric Service

8/28/2009 - Staff Direct Testimony & Exhibits
Cover letter
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1 pg
Testimony coverletter.pdf
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1 pg
Case 09-E-0428 - Informal rate reconciliation  - Company request vs. Trial Staff recommendation.pdf
O'Connor Testimony and Exhibit
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15 pgs
O'Connor Final Testimony.pdf
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8 pgs
O'Conner Final Exhibit PKO-1.pdf
Powell Testimony
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13 pgs
Powell FINAL Testimony.pdf
Leak Testimony and Exhibit
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9 pgs
Leak LMA testimony FINAL.pdf
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15 pgs
Exhibit___ HYL-1.pdf
Depreciation Testimony
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17 pgs
09-E-0428 depreciation testimony final.pdf
Shared Services Panel Testimony and Exhibit
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10 pgs
Shared Services Panel testimony FINAL.pdf
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4 pgs
Exhibit SSSP-1.pdf
Quackenbush Testimony and Exhibits
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17 pgs
R&D (Quackenbush) FINAL testimony.pdf
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15 pgs
64 kb
1 pg
Insogna Testimony and Exhibit
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31 pgs
Martin Insogna Testimony.pdf
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2 pgs
Martin Insogna Exhibit.pdf
Sennett Testimony
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20 pgs
Sennett REDACTED Final Testimony.pdf
Jones Testimony and Exhibit
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27 pgs
09-E-0428  Jones (RPM) Final Testimony.pdf
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44 pgs
09-E-0428  Jones (RPM) Final Testimony.pdf
Staff Interference Panel Testimony and Exhibit
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29 pgs
Staff Interference Panel Testimony FINAL.pdf
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35 pgs
Staff Interference Panel Exhibit SIP-1 FINAL.pdf
Dr. Liu Testimony and Exhibits
784 kb
29 pgs
Dr. Liu Testimony FINAL.pdf
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37 pgs
Exhibit AL-1.pdf
4,383 kb
12 pgs
Exhibit AL-2.pdf
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9 pgs
Exhibit AL-3 - Redacted.pdf
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11 pgs
Exhibit AL-4.pdf
7,085 kb
17 pgs
Exhibit AL-5.pdf
Randt Testimony and Exhibits
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26 pgs
Randt Testimony FINAL.pdf
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1 pg
27 kb
1 pg
31 kb
2 pgs
10 kb
1 pg
10 kb
1 pg
Staff Finance Panel Testimony and Exhibits
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119 pgs
Staff Finance Panel Testimony.pdf
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2 pgs
Exhibit Summary.pdf
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1 pg
FP-1 Overall Rate of Return Matrix.pdf
22 kb
2 pgs
FP-2 Capital Structure Analysis.pdf
14 kb
1 pg
FP-3 Cost of Debt Calculation.pdf
34 kb
2 pgs
FP-4 Proxy Group Composition.pdf
20 kb
3 pgs
FP-5 Cost of Equity Calculation.pdf
44 kb
2 pgs
FP-6 CQ Adjustment and Debt Spread Analysis.pdf
156 kb
6 pgs
FP-7 Criteria Methodology Business Risk Financial Risk Matrix Expanded.pdf
498 kb
4 pgs
FP-8 US Utilities Ratings Analysis Now Portrayed in the S&P Corporate Ratings Matrix.pdf
5,390 kb
15 pgs
FP-9 Key Credit Factors Business and Financial Risk in the Investor-Owned Utilities Industry.pdf
9,969 kb
1 pg
FP-1 Overall Rate of Return Matrix.pdf
534 kb
8 pgs
FP-11 Consolidated Edison Co of New York Inc.pdf
276 kb
5 pgs
FP-12 Moodys Credit Opinion Consolidated Edison Co of New York Inc.pdf
1,124 kb
51 pgs
FP-13 Merrill Lynch Quantitative Profiles July 2009.pdf
732 kb
8 pgs
FP-14 The Shrinking Equity Premium.pdf
557 kb
32 pgs
FP-15 Estimating The Market Risk Premium.pdf
619 kb
8 pgs
FP-16 US Regulated Electric Utilities Strongest to Weakest.pdf
550 kb
23 pgs
FP-17 Moody's Industry Outlook US Regulated Electric Utilities.pdf
742 kb
13 pgs
FP-18 Responses to Staff Information Requests.pdf
Accounting Panel Testimony and Exhibits
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110 pgs
Accounting Panel Testimony FINAL.pdf
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1 pg
Accounting Panel Exhibit Coverpage.pdf
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13 pgs
Accounting Panel Exhibit__(AP-1).pdf
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49 pgs
Accounting Panel Exhibit__(AP-2).pdf
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3 pgs
Accounting Panel Exhibit__(AP-3).pdf
Staff Policy Panel Testimony and Exhibits
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58 pgs
Staff Policy Panel Testimony FINAL.pdf
1,732 kb
26 pgs
Staff Policy Panel Exhibits SPP-1 and SPP-2.pdf
Staff Infrastructure Investment Panel Testimony and Exhibits
117 kb
87 pgs
09-E-0428 REDACTED SIIP Final Testimony.pdf
2,961 kb
168 pgs
09-E-0428 REDACTED SIIP Final Exhibit.pdf

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