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Case 11-M-0710 - In the Matter of Reviewing and Amending the Electric Submetering Regulations, 16 NYCRR Part 96..

On December 18, 2012, the New York State Public Service Commission adopted a resolution to amend 16 NYCRR (Public Service Law) Part 96, the Residential Electric Submetering regulations. The submetering regulations have been updated to reflect changes in Commission policy, the changes in the energy market, new technologies to promote energy efficiency, and additional consumer policies that have been implemented since 1988, when the submetering regulations were last revised.

The amendments affect how submeterers sell electricity and afford consumer protections to submetered residents in a residential building (including condominiums, cooperatives and rental buildings). Several of the new submetering requirements relate to the initial application process a submeterer must follow prior to providing submetered electricity, while others apply to existing submetered buildings.

  • Commission's Memorandum and Resolution (181kb PDF)
  • NYCRR Part 96 - Residential Submetering Regulations (213kb PDF)
  • Utility Contacts - Electric Submetering (17kb PDF)
  • Submeter Service Provider Contact Information (45kb PDF)
  • HEFPA Compliance Guide for Submeter Service Providers (61kb PDF)
  • Home Energy Fair Practices Act (HEFPA) Note: Submeter service providers are required to comply with the Public Service Law and all applicable Commission rules and regulations. Under the Public Service Law, residential consumer protections are, for the most part, found in Article 2, Sections 30 through 53, which is identified generically as the Home Energy Practices Act or HEFPA. With the enactment of Public Service Law Section 53 in 2003, the Commission was authorized to enforce the same HEFPA protections for submetered residential customers as exist for their direct metered utility counterparts. A submeter service provider must look to HEFPA and its implementing regulations, 16 NYCRR Parts 11 and 12 to ensure that its residential submetered tenants are protected in similar fashion to residential direct metered customers. The information provided herein on HEFPA is for generic use and applicability to all residential utility customers, including submetered tenants. The sample HEFPA documents provided herein were drafted for informational purposes and generic use. They may need to be modified for specific use with submetered properties.

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