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Critical Facilities Administration Service

New York State CFA Tariff Language

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All New York certified facilities-based telecommunications carriers must offer Critical Facilities Administration (CFA) Service. Carriers operating purely on a resale basis are encouraged to offer CFA. The above links to model tariff language for TSP contain the same requirements as shown below. Commission requirements concerning CFA have been specified in two Orders issued on July 28, 2004, and October 26, 2004 in Case 03-C-0922 - Proceeding on Motion of the Commission to Examine Telephone Network Reliability.

Critical Facilities Administration Service

1. Program Overview

2. Customer Obligations

Customers participating under the Critical Facilities Administration program will be required to:

3. Carrier Obligations

Facilities-based carriers will be obligated to identify the physical path of each subscribed circuit as follows:

4. Rates

Rates for CFA are based upon the time required to collect the circuit path data.

The company will give the customer a good faith estimate of the time period needed to perform the requested service. The customer will be billed those charges, along with the tariff charges established by any connecting carrier for the service.

Per Hour

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