Department of Public Service

Service of Court Papers

The following individuals are the only persons authorized to accept personal service of court papers on behalf of the Public Service Commission or Department of Public Service. Court papers include subpoenas for records. Attempted service on any other person is defective. Subpoenas to testify for individual Staff members can only be accepted by the individual staff member.

Albany (3 Empire State Plaza)
    • Solicitor Scott Bassinson (17th Floor)
    • Acting General Counsel John Sipos (18th Floor)
    • Secretary Kathleen H. Burgess (20th Floor)
    • Chair John B. Rhodes (20th Floor)
    • Commissioners Diane X. Burman, James S. Alesi (20th Floor)

New York City (90 Church Street, 4th Floor)
    • Administrative Officer Jan Goorsky, Office of Administration

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