Department of Public Service

Filing Your Complaint With the PSC

Before Filing Your Complaint with the PSC:

First seek the assistance of the utility -- it is required by law to help you.

If you are unable to get satisfactory help, our Consumer Service staff will assist you and investigate your complaint.

Important Notice for Electric and Gas Customers: If you received a final disconnection notice from your utility that your electric or gas service will be shut off within 72 hours, please contact the Department of Public Service by telephone rather than using our web form. Please call 1-800-342-3355 on weekdays from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm for assistance.

How to File YouComplaint On-line:

File your complaint or check your complaint status right now via our on-line complaint form.
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Additional Information on a case already filed.

How to File your complaint by telephone:dot

    1-800-342-3377 Calling from anywhere in the continental United States

    1-800-662-1220 Hearing/Speech Impaired: TDD

File your complaint by faxing it to 518-472-8502

File your complaint by letter, or in person at the following office locations.

The Office of Consumer Services will conduct a full investigation of your complaint and notify you -- in writing or by telephone -- of the decision on your complaint, the reasons for the decisions and actions you may take. While your complaint is at the Commission, you must pay amounts of bills not in dispute or your service may be terminated by the utility.

If you believe the initial decision is wrong ...

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