Department of Public Service

Environmental Disclosure Labels by Load Serving Entity

Every electric utility, energy service company (ESCO), jurisdictional municipal electric utility and jurisdictional cooperative electric utility – all of whom provide retail sales of electricity, and direct customers of the NYISO are required to provide their most current Department of Public Service (DPS)-issued environmental disclosure statement (label) available to them to their existing retail customers at least once every six months. A load service entity (LSE) is a retail electric service provider that includes all of the above referenced entities and their EDP labels are provided for by the New York State Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) and DPS as explained below.

Previous to 2016, the labels were listed and accessed through the DPS website (see below.) Beginning with the 2016 labels, they are created and managed by NYSERDA in consultation with DPS Staff through the New York Generation Attribute Tracking System (NYGATS). There are some labels which require special processing outside of NYGATS which are listed below.

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