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Telecommunications Outage Reporting - How to Notify the Department

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How do I notify the Department of a major outage and who do I contact?

Call us as soon as possible at the telephone numbers listed below!

Telecommunications outages and related incidents affect the public safety, and in the worst case, may jeopardize lives or property. Prompt outage notification relays vital information to the Department’s First Responders, which may help mitigate outage impacts or otherwise expedite network restoration and operations recovery. To that end, service providers should immediately report any major service outages or incidents affecting their networks or customers.  Major outages and related incidents should be reported even if the outage has already been resolved, and regardless of whether or not the outage was caused by an internal problem in your own network, or as the result of another service provider or facility owner’s impact to your network.  The information provided will be treated as CONFIDENTIAL and PROTECTED from public disclosure under applicable laws.


Initial Reports

Initial reports should be made, ideally no later than one hour after the outage is first recognized by the provider, to a designated Department staff member via a "live" telephone conversation at the numbers below. Voice Mail or E-Mail should not be used for initial outage reports. Staff may make informal arrangements with certain service providers for subsequent electronic transmittal reports. However, even in these instances personal contact with Department staff is necessary for initial reporting of a major service outage.

When first reporting a major outage, service providers should be prepared to provide baseline critical information, such as:

    • type of outage (e.g. video, voice, data, 911, Toll, network congestion)
    • outage location
    • outage cause
    • estimated number of affected customers
    • time the outage occurred
    • estimated time of restoral
    • contact name and phone number associated with the current event
    • any other known critical information available
If some critical information is not known at the time of the initial report, service providers should supply their best estimates.

Status Reports

Telecommunications service providers should provide regular status reports of any ongoing major service outage. The first status report should be provided within three hours of the initial report; subsequent status reports should be provided twice a day until the situation has been stabilized, and immediately upon restoration of service to normal condition. All reports should be transmitted by telephone to the person(s) indicated below, unless otherwise requested.

Closing Reports

Depending on the severity of the outage and the services involved, telecommunications service providers may be requested to provide more detailed information about the outage, the steps taken to restore service, and what steps can be taken to prevent future outages.

Contact Numbers

Office of Telecommunications Staff members in the Albany and NYC Offices are available to receive service outage reports during normal business hours.  Primary and Secondary Staff contact numbers are also available for outage reporting outside normal business hours.

a. Normal Business Hours

Major telecommunications service outages and incidents that occur during normal business hours should be reported promptly by telephone as follows:

Within Normal Business Hours (8AM-4PM):

Office of Telecommunications

Primary contact at (518) 391-3935

Secondary contact at (646) 872-7118

Tertiary contact at (518) 474-1668

b. Outside Normal Business Hours

Major telecommunications service outages and incidents that occur outside normal business hours should be reported promptly by telephone as follows:

Outside Normal Business Hours (4PM-8AM):

Primary Contact at (518) 391-3935

Secondary Contact at (646) 872-7118

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