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DMM Help : Electronic Filing Registration Instructions

Electronic Filing Registration Instructions


This page describes how to register with the Department of Public Service to make electronic filings using our Document and Matter Management (DMM) System.


Step 1 - Create a user account
  • You must obtain a NYS Directory Services User Account by using the registration page

Please fill out the form with at least the required data items. These items are indicated by an asterisk.

Once you have completed Step 1 above and have your Directory Services User ID, you will be asked to complete a contact form.

If you now have a User ID, proceed to Steps 2 & 3 below.

Step 2 - Provide contact information

Once you get your NY State Directory Services User ID, you should complete a
Note: This form should be used for updating Companies User can file on behalf.

For questions or help with the regulatory process, please e-mail Secretary to the Commission

Step 3 - Wait for e-mail confirmation

After review of your contact information, we will send you an e-mail approving your registration.

For questions or help with technical issues, please e-mail

You may need Adobe Acrobat to read the pdf files.

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