Department of Public Service

Office of Consumer Services

John B. Auricchio, Acting Director

Customer Service Response Index - June 2004

The Office of Consumer Services (OCS) has established a Customer Service Response Index (CSRI) that will be used to compare the level of customer service and responsiveness provided by utility companies on a monthly basis. On May 31, 2003 began notifying service providers of the pending implementation of this Index. On September 24, 2003 modifications were made to the CSRI and announced to the utility companies. On June 2, 2004 a draft report was released to utility companies which reported the March and April 2004 CSRI statistics. Since August 2004 OCS has been reporting CSRI data as part of its monthly report.
The documents below detail the notification process and explain the program.

Quick Resolution System Documentation

In a continuing effort to reduce consumer difficulties and provide timely resolution to those consumers who experience a problem, OCS developed the Quick Resolution System in June 2002. QRS requires service providers to contact any customer with a collection or service related issue within two working hours. All other customers must be contacted by the close of the business day following receipt of the case. The provider will discuss the matter with the customer and take the necessary action to satisfactorily resolve the matter with the customer within 14 days. The document below explains the Complaint Handling process.

Utility Contact Form

Submetering Identification Form
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