Expired Article X and Earlier Projects

Expired Article X: The following information pertains to the projects filed with and reviewed by the Board on Electric Generation Siting and Environment under the previous Article X statute which expired Jan. 1, 2003. Facilities built pursuant to the old statute are still bound by its terms.

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In-Service Article X Projects

    • 99-F-1191 - Astoria Energy(SCS Energy, LLC)
    • 97-F-1563 - Athens Generating Plant (Athens Generating Co., L.P.)
    • 00-F-2057 - Besicorp - Empire State Newsprint Project
    • 97-F-2162 - Bethlehem Energy Center (PSEG Power New York Inc.)
    • 99-F-1314 - East River Repowering (Consolidated Edison Co., of New York, Inc)
    • 99-F-1625 - KeySpan Ravenswood Cogeneration Facility
    • 99-F-1627 - Poletti Station Expansion (NYPA)

Certified Article X Projects

    • 99-F-1164 - Bowline Unit 3 (Mirant Bowline, LLC )
    • 00-F-1522 - Reliant Energy Astoria Repowering Project Application (Orion Power Astoria Repowering Project)
    • 01-F-0761 - Spagnoli Road Energy Center