Environmental Disclosure Labels by LSE*
For the Period: January 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012
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*LSE - Load Serving Entity
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LSE Name Label File NameFile size
Accent Energy Midwest IIACCEMWII.PDF22 kb
Affordable Power, L.P. AFFORD.PDF22 kb
Aggressive Energy, LLCAENERGY.PDF22 kb
AgwayAGWAY.PDF22 kb
Alpha Gas & ElectricALPHAGE.PDF22 kb
Ambit New York, LLCAMBITELP.PDF22 kb
American Power & GasAMERPG.PDF22 kb
Ameristar Energy, LLCAMERIST.PDF22 kb
AP Gas & Electric (NY), LLC dba APG&EAPGENY.PDF22 kb
Barclays Service CorporationBARCORP.PDF22 kb
BBPC, LLC, dba Great Eastern EnergyBBPC.PDF22 kb
Bluco EnergyBLUCOEN.PDF22 kb
Blue Rock Energy BLUEROCK.PDF22 kb
Brown's Energy Services, LLCBROWNSES.PDF22 kb
Buy Energy Direct, LLCBUYEN.PDF21 kb
Central Hudson Gas & ElectricCENHUD.PDF22 kb
Centstar Energy Corp.CENSTAR.PDF22 kb
Chief Energy Corp.CHIEFEC.PDF22 kb
Citizen's ChoiceCITCHOIC.PDF22 kb
City of Niagara FallsCITYNIFL.PDF20 kb
City Power & Gas, LLCCITYPG.PDF22 kb
Clear Choice Energy LLCFIRS.PDF22 kb
Clear Choice Energy, LLCAMPLIFIED.PDF22 kb
Clearview ElectricCLEARV.PDF22 kb
Columbia Utilities Power COLUPLLC.PDF22 kb
Commerce Energy, Inc dba Amigo EnergyCOMMERCE.PDF22 kb
Con Edison SolutionsCEDS.PDF22 kb
Consolidated Edison of New York, Inc.CONED.PDF22 kb
Constellation New Energy, Inc. NEVI.PDF22 kb
Credit Suisse CSFB.PDF22 kb
Cummins EngineCUMMINS.PDF22 kb
Diect Energy Services, Energetix, incNRGE.PDF22 kb
Direct Energy Business, LLCSTRAT.PDF22 kb
Direct Energy ServicesDESLLC.PDF22 kb
Discount Energy Services, LLCDISCOUNT.PDF22 kb
Dominion Energy ServicesDORETINC.PDF22 kb
DTE Energy Supply, Inc.DTENSUPI.PDF22 kb
Eagle Power AuthorityEAGLEPA.PDF22 kb
East Coast Power, LLCEASTCPG.PDF22 kb
EDF Industrial Power Services (NY), LLCEDFIPS.PDF22 kb
Empire Natural GasENGAS.PDF22 kb
Energy Cooperative of New YorkECNY .PDF22 kb
Energy Cooperative of New York - RenewablesECNY-REN .PDF20 kb
Energy Plus Holdings LLCENERGYPL.PDF22 kb
Energy Services Providers, Inc. , Macquarie Energy LLCESPINC.PDF22 kb
EnergyMark , LLCEMARK.PDF22 kb
Erie CountyERIECNTY.PDF22 kb
ESL Federal Credit UnionESLFCU.PDF22 kb
Family Energy, Inc.FAMILYEN.PDF22 kb
FC Energy Services Company, LLCFCENERGY.PDF22 kb
Freeport ElectricFREEPORT.PDF22 kb
Frontier Utilities, Inc., (NY)FRONTU.PDF22 kb
Gateway Energy ServicesEECI.PDF22 kb
Gateway Energy ServicesEECI-B.PDF22 kb
GDF SUEZ Energy Resources NA. Inc. TESI.PDF22 kb
GDF Suez Retail Energy Solutions, LLC dbaThink EnergyGSRETAIL.PDF22 kb
Glacial EnergyGLACIAL.PDF22 kb
Glexy Energy, LLCGALXENG.PDF22 kb
Global Energy, LLCGLOBALE.PDF22 kb
Green Mountain EnergyGREENMOU.PDF22 kb
Greenlight Energy IncGLENERGY.PDF22 kb
Gridway Energy Corp.GRIDWAYE.PDF22 kb
Griffiss Utility Services CorporationGUSC.PDF22 kb
Hess CorporationHESS.PDF22 kb
Hess Small Business Services, LLCSTUYVES.PDF22 kb
Hiko Energy, LLCPREMES.PDF22 kb
Hudson Energy ServicesHUDSON.PDF22 kb
Independence Energy Group, LLCINDEPEND.PDF22 kb
Integrys Energy ServicesAEI .PDF22 kb
Jamestown Board of Public UtilitiesJBPU-PA.PDF22 kb
Just EnegyNYESAV2.PDF22 kb
Just Energy New York Corp. NYESAVCP.PDF22 kb
Just Energy New York Corp. NYEXPA5.PDF22 kb
Kalieda Health CareKALIEDA.PDF22 kb
Lexington Power & LightLEXPL.PDF22 kb
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