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Issue Date: 08/31/2018Industry: Cable, Telecom
Size: 40827
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Statement from Chair of the Public Service Commission John B. Rhodes on the Removal of Misleading Charter Ads


Issue Date: 07/27/2018Industry: Cable, Telecom
Size: 309690
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PSC Rescinds Charter Merger Approval


Issue Date: 07/26/2018Industry: Cable, Telecom
Size: 160399
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Commission Issues Agenda For Special Session July 27, 2018


Issue Date: 07/20/2018Industry: Cable, Telecom
Size: 150106
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Public Service Commission Chair John B. Rhodes Pursuing New Enforcement Actions Against Charter


Issue Date: 07/12/2018Industry: Cable, Telecom
Size: 216067
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PSC Approves Verizon Service Quality Improvement Plan


Issue Date: 06/26/2018Industry: Cable, Telecom
Size: 159352
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Department of Public Service Condemns Spectrum for False Advertising


Issue Date: 06/14/2018Industry: Cable, Telecom
Size: 215904
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Charter in Violation of PSC's Buildout Requirement


Issue Date: 03/19/2018Industry: Cable, Telecom
Size: 213521
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PSC Issues Orders to Show Cause to Penalize Charter Communications and Potentially Terminate NYC Franchise Agreements


Issue Date: 01/31/2018Industry: Cable, Telecom
Size: 117428
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Governor Cuomo Announces Round III Of Nation-Leading New NY Broadband Program To Bring High-Speed Internet Access To All New Yorkers


Issue Date: 09/14/2017Industry: Cable, Telecom
Size: 229523
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PSC OKs $13 Million Charter Communications Settlement


Issue Date: 06/20/2017Industry: Cable, Telecom
Size: 224487
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Charter Agrees to $13 Million Settlement Following Review of Company's Compliance with Merger Conditions


Issue Date: 06/15/2017Industry: Cable, Telecom
Size: 241420
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Public Service Commission Conditionally Approves Financial Transactions for the Sale of Three Local Telephone Corporations in New York


Issue Date: 05/23/2017Industry: Cable, Telecom
Size: 243395
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FairPoint Public Statement Hearing Scheduled


Issue Date: 04/20/2017Industry: Cable, Telecom
Size: 220977
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Printed Telephone Books Will Now Be Optional for Frontier Telephone Customers


Issue Date: 08/01/2016Industry: Cable
Size: 43838
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PSC Approves Expansion of Cable Service in Town of Horseheads


Issue Date: 07/14/2016Industry: Cable, Telecom
Size: 43986
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Let Your Fingers Do the Walking Online: Verizon to Stop Printing, Delivering Business Telephone Books in New York


Issue Date: 06/15/2016Industry: Cable, Telecom
Size: 53464
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Cablevision Sale Approved with Conditions to Increase Speed, Improve Reliability, Expand Broadband Access, Protect Jobs


Issue Date: 06/05/2014Industry: Cable, Telecom
Size: 17911
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PSC Seeks Input On Time Warner/Comcast Request


Issue Date: 05/19/2014Industry: Cable, Telecom
Size: 68467
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Governor Cuomo Announces Review Of Comcast, Time Warner Merger Underway


Issue Date: 10/17/2013Industry: Cable, Telecom
Size: 16843
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Time Warner Telephone Disconnect Request Denied


Issue Date: 09/13/2013Industry: Cable, Telecom
Size: 15588
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Verizon's Request To Cancel Fire Island Plans Reviewed


Issue Date: 02/17/2011Industry: Cable
Size: 14816
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Verizon's Network Review Plan Finished


Issue Date: 07/16/2008Industry: Cable
Size: 14852
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PSC Approves Verizon's NYC Cable Service


Issue Date: 05/08/2008Industry: Cable, Electric, Gas, Telecom, Water
Size: 21118
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National Safe Digging Month


Issue Date: 12/14/2005Industry: Cable
Size: 14592
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PSC Approves Verizon Cable Television Franchise in Massapequa Park


Issue Date: 10/27/2005Industry: Cable
Size: 14102
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Commission Approves Transfer of Adelphia Cable Assets - Transfer in Accordance with Bankruptcy Reorganization Plan


Issue Date: 03/16/2005Industry: Cable
Size: 18224
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PSC Adopts Revised Rules Regarding Cable Television Service


Issue Date: 11/24/2003Industry: Cable
Size: 28452
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PSC Seeks Comment on Revisions to Proposed Rule Changes Related to Cable Television Service


Issue Date: 07/15/2003Industry: Cable
Size: 38233
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PSC Seeks Comment on Proposed Rules Changes Related to Cable Television Service


Issue Date: 04/17/2003Industry: Cable
Size: 43249
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Department of Public Service to Hold Educational Forum on Proposed Rules Changes Related to Cable Television Service


Issue Date: 04/01/2003Industry: Cable
Size: 40513
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PSC Seeks Comment on Proposed Rules Changes Related to Cable Television Service


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