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Issue Date: 07/19/2018Industry: Steam
Size: 83289
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Statement From Governor Cuomo Directing The New York State Department Of Public Service To Investigate Manhattan Steam Pipe Explosion


Issue Date: 11/03/2016Industry: Miscellaneous, Steam
Size: 229550
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Comment Sought on Fortistar’s Request to Sell Energy


Issue Date: 01/22/2016Industry: Electric, Gas, Steam
Size: 61729
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PSC Approves $459M Con Edison Storm-Hardening Plan for 2016


Issue Date: 12/31/2013Industry: Electric, Gas, Steam
Size: 75320
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Governor Cuomo Announces Con Edison rate Settlement


Issue Date: 10/01/2013Industry: Electric, Gas, Steam
Size: 17208
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PSC Hearings On Con Edison Rate Request


Issue Date: 09/16/2010Industry: Steam
Size: 19693
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Commission Sets New Steam Rates For Con Edison


Issue Date: 06/01/2010Industry: Gas, Steam
Size: 21074
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PSC Seeks Public Input on Con Edison Gas and Steam Rates


Issue Date: 02/12/2009Industry: Electric, Gas, Steam
Size: 20587
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Con Edison's Capital Expenditures Investigated


Issue Date: 01/15/2009Industry: Steam
Size: 15096
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PSC Initiates Major Con Edison Steam Proceeding


Issue Date: 11/12/2008Industry: Steam
Size: 15379
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PSC Approves $37M Con Edison Settlement


Issue Date: 09/17/2008Industry: Steam
Size: 15457
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2-Year Rate Plan For Con Edison Steam


Issue Date: 08/13/2008Industry: Steam
Size: 15746
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PSC Seeks Comment on Joint Proposal Concerning 2007 Steam Pipe Rupture


Issue Date: 02/13/2008Industry: Steam
Size: 16237
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Prudence Investigation into Con Edison's Steam Rupture Warranted


Issue Date: 02/13/2008Industry: Electric, Gas, Steam
Size: 21488
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PSC To Examine Con Edison's Management and Operations


Issue Date: 02/13/2008Industry: Steam
Size: 20656
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Department of Public Service Issues Report on Steam Rupture Incident


Issue Date: 01/16/2008Industry: Steam
Size: 18483
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PSC Order to Show Cause Against Con Edison Regarding Steam Operations


Issue Date: 09/20/2006Industry: Steam
Size: 17297
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PSC Approves Rate Freeze for Con Edison's Steam Service


Issue Date: 09/22/2004Industry: Gas, Steam
Size: 19336
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PSC Votes to Approve Consolidated Edison Gas and Steam Rate Plans


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