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All Ceased Operations Telecommunications Companies in New York State

The New York Public Service Commission has received either formal or informal notification that the following companies have ceased operations and are no longer doing business in New York State.
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The following are the 16 "Z" titles. Beginning of title list
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Company Now Known As Last Known Street Address

Z-Tel Communications, Inc.* 


Zap Telecom (USA) Ltd., LLC 

Zayo Bandwidth Northeast Sub LLCn/a901 Front St
Suite 200
Louisville CO 80027

Zayo Bandwidth Northeast, LLC 400 Centennial Parkway
Suite 200
Louisville CO 80027

Zayo Bandwidth, LLCZayo Group, LLC1805 29th Street STE 2050
Boulder CO 80301

Zenex Long Distance, Inc. 

ZenFi Networks, IncZenFi Networks, LLC90 White Street
New York New York 10013

Zeptel Communications, Inc. 


Zip Call, L.L.C. 

Zipcall, LLC 

Zone Telecom, Inc. ANZ Communications
3130 Pleasant Run
Springfield IL 62711

Zone Telecom, LLC 3130 Pleasant Run
Springfield IL 62711

Zoom-i-Net Communicatios, Inc 14170 Clubhouse Road
Gainesville VA 20155

ZTELEPHONY, LLC d/b/a Worldnet 9211 Irvine Boulevard
Irvine CA 92618

updated: 12/04/2022 11:38:04 PM