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This section has information about types of telephone service, shopping for telephone service, telephone companies regulated by the PSC, Rights and Protections for telephone customers, telephone travel tips, area codes, and future changes in the telecommunications world.

Commission Cases and Proceedings:

Case 21-C-0473 North American Numbering Plan
Petition of the North American Numbering Plan Administrator on behalf of New York Telecommunications Industry Relief of the 516 NPA.

New and Noteworthy:

Consumer Guide to Telephone Service
Provides consumers with important information to make informed decisions when choosing among the various types of telecommunications service providers, such as traditional telephone service, wireless, cable, and internet.

Information on emergency telephone service for traditional wireline, wireless, cable-based and internet-based Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Consumer Assistance and Protections:

Save money on your phone bills - Lifeline Discounted Telephone Service

Lifeline Brochure 5 Rebrand English WEB final 8-21-15.pdfLifeline Brochure 5 Rebrand English WEB final 8-21-15.pdf

Captioned Telephones - A link to information about Captel telephones

Consumer Guide to Cramming

Consumer Guide to Slamming

Follow this link - For information regarding the 518 Area Code Relief Case 16-C-0297.

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