COVID-19 Shutoff Moratorium: Guidance for Municipal Water Providers

New York State Public Service Law provides temporary protections for essential utility and municipal services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Municipalities (villages, towns, cities, and counties), water districts, and public authorities who provide water service have special obligations under this law, which may affect their regular business operations. The information below is intended to help municipalities and public authorities interpret the shutoff moratorium law and ensure their water customers are adequately protected.

Webinar – June 10, 2021

Slides:COVID shutoff moratorium muni water webinar 2021-06-10.pdf

Video: COVID shutoff moratorium 6.10.2021 - YouTube

Matter 20-01676

Administrative Guidance: Revised Guidance Covid Disconnection Moratorium

Municipal / Public Water Provider Contact Form

FAQs for Consumers


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