Information - Residential


The PSC provides consumer education, advocacy and complaint handling on behalf of residential utility customers. Staff seeks to ensure that the Department and the utility companies it regulates are responsive to the needs and concerns of individual consumers and to the public by:

    • resolving individual disputes with utilities
    • monitoring utility service quality
    • enforcing utility compliance with rules, regulations, laws and policies that protect consumers
    • bringing customer concerns to the attention of the Commission
    • developing programs to meet consumer needs in the competitive market environment
    • seeking consumer input and opinion on utility issues
    • ensuring consumers have the information they need to make informed decisions regarding their utility service

Most of the information provided in this Website is dedicated to educating and helping residential consumers get the most out of their electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, water, and cable utility service. Click on any of the tabs in this Website to find more specific information on the area you want.

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