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An Energy Agenda for the Future

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Albany Law School

Introductory Remarks
Richard Kauffman - Chairman of Energy and Finance for New YorkRichard Kauffman - PSC Symposium RK Presentation.pptxRichard Kauffman - PSC Symposium RK Presentation.pptx
The Global and National Picture
Patricia Hoffman - Assistant Secretary, Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability, U.S. Department of EnergyHoffman Albany Law School 2014 final.pptxHoffman Albany Law School 2014 final.pptx
Jon Wellinghoff - Partner, Stoel Rives LLC, former FERC ChairmanJon Wellinghoff Presentation - PSC Symposium 5.22.14.pdfJon Wellinghoff Presentation - PSC Symposium 5.22.14.pdf
Mike Hogan - Regulatory Assistance Project, formerly European Climate FoundationMichael Hogan - Regulatory Assistance Project.pptxMichael Hogan - Regulatory Assistance Project.pptx
System Challenges & Customer Opportunities
Patty Durand - Executive Director, Smart Grid Consumer CollaborativePatty Durand -  NY REV Energy Symposium May 2014.pptxPatty Durand - NY REV Energy Symposium May 2014.pptx
Peter Cappers - Assistant Group Leader, Electricity Markets & Policy Group, Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryPeter Cappers - NYSDPS Symposium 20140521.pptxPeter Cappers - NYSDPS Symposium 20140521.pptx
Mark McGranaghan - Vice President, Power Delivery & Utilization, Electric Power Research InstituteMark McGranaghan - Integrated Grid for NYPSC 05 22 2014.pptxMark McGranaghan - Integrated Grid for NYPSC 05 22 2014.pptx
Robert Pratt - Senior Staff Scientist, Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryRob Pratt - Automated Economic Dispatch.pptxRob Pratt - Automated Economic Dispatch.pptx
Visions and Models for the 21st Century
Lisa Frantzis - Senior Vice President, Advanced Energy EconomyLisa Frantzis - AEE Pres for NY Symposium May 22 Final.pptxLisa Frantzis - AEE Pres for NY Symposium May 22 Final.pptx
James Van Nostrand - Director, Center for Energy and Sustainable Development, West Virginia University College of LawJames Van Nostrand.pptxJames Van Nostrand.pptx

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