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Special Counsel for Ratepayer Protection

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo established the position of statewide Special Counsel for Ratepayer Protection to represent the interests of residential and commercial customers of New York's regulated electric, gas, water, and telecom companies, with the ability to participate as a party in Public Service Commission proceedings, conduct hearings and investigations, undertake discovery to compel documents and testimony, and otherwise marshal the resources of the Department of Public Service to safeguard the interests of ratepayers and hold accountable those utilities and telecoms which fail to meet their contractual and regulatory obligations to their customers.

The Special Counsel, Rory Lancman, is a product of NYC public schools, Queens College and Columbia Law School. He spent over a decade representing workers in discrimination and workplace safety matters, litigating cases in state and federal court and before city, state, and federal agencies, before being elected to the New York State Assembly in 2006 and the New York City Council in 2013. In the City Council, Mr. Lancman chaired the New York City Council Committee on the Justice System, overseeing much of the City's civil and criminal justice system. He authored numerous laws reforming the criminal justice system and protecting women from domestic violence, conducted robust oversight hearings leading to further legal system improvements, and was an outspoken advocate and thought leader on civil rights and justice reform issues.

Prior to his election to the state legislature, Mr. Lancman was an active grassroots community leader, having served as an officer or president of his respective tenant, homeowners, and condominium associations at various times in his life; as Chair of the Queens Hospital Center Community Advisory Board; as an appointed New York City Community Planning Board member for sixteen years; and as an infantry officer in New York's own 42nd Infantry Division.

Click here for the Governor’s Anouncement appointing Rory Lancman as statewide Special Counsel for Ratepayer Protection.

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