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Department of Public Service

Comment Form

We want to hear your opinion regarding utility issues.

1. To file a complaint about your utility service, please go to the Complaint Department.

2. To make a comment on a specific case:

a) Search for case.

If you know the Public Service Commission Case/Matter number (99-X-9999 or 99-99999 format) enter it here.
| Help with Case Number and Matter Number format

b) Once search is complete, click on post comments, fill out the form, and click on post comment.

If you do not know the case number try our advanced search.
| Help interpreting the search results from a "Case/Matter" search.

3. To submit a comment regarding general utility issues, or to request information, or to report a website problem, please e-mail:

4. DISCLAIMER: Comments that include inappropriate language, or language that is potentially slanderous, purposefully demeaning of some specific person or persons, or threatening violence may not be posted. Additionally, anonymous comments will not be posted.

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