Department of Public Service

Distributed Generation Information

EPRI Report - Harmonizing Distributed Generation Practices (October 2017)
EPRI Report – Interconnection of DG in NY State (September 2015)
IOAP Report and Functional Specification (September 2016)
VDER Phase One CDG Tranches

Interconnection Technical Working Group Information

Interconnection Policy Working Group Information

Interconnection Ombuds Information

SIR Inventory Information

Utility Hosting Capacity Maps and Other Useful Links

New York State Standardized Interconnection Requirements
Staff Contacts

Electric Standby Service Rates
Staff Contact

Rob Cully (518) 473-6747

Gas Service for Distributed Generation
Staff Contact

Aric Rider (518) 486-2466

Order Providing for Distributed Generation Gas Service Classifications

General Information

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