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Clean Energy Fund

The Clean Energy Fund reinforces New York's commitment to accelerate the growth of the clean energy economy. It provides long term funding certainty to local businesses and significant flexibility to the administrators of the State's clean energy programs. The Clean Energy Fund is just one component of the Commission's strategy to bridge the transition from the current portfolio of clean energy programs to the new Reforming the energy Vision (REV) market and required regulatory framework.

The fund operates four major portfolios:

    • Innovation and Research: As New York State moves to a cleaner, more efficient, and more widely distributed energy system, the Clean Energy Fund will help spur innovations through research and technology development that will drive clean-tech business growth and job creation while providing more energy choices to residential and business customers. Information on Innovation and Research can be found in Case Number 14-M-0094 additional information related to the Clean Energy Fund Investment Plan can be found in Matter 16-00681.
    • Market Development: NYSERDA will undertake a variety of activities to stimulate consumer demand for clean energy alternatives, energy efficiency while helping to build clean energy supply chains to meet that growing customer demand. Information on Market Development can be found in Case Number 14-M-0094 and in Matter 16-00681.

    • NY Green Bank: The NY Green Bank will accelerate the deployment of clean energy through a variety of financing tools targeted at alleviating financial market barriers and harnessing capital markets. The NY Green Bank leverages private sector investment, expands the availability of capital and increases confidence in lending for clean energy projects. More information on the NY Green Bank can be found in Case Number 13-M-0412 and at the NY Green Bank Home Page;

    • NY-Sun: NY-Sun is part of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo's commitment to improving the efficiency, affordability, and reliability of energy systems in New York State. Solar is key to updating New York's energy system, a cleaner environment, new jobs, and more local spending in communities. More information on NY-Sun can be found on New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) webpage or by clicking here;

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