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DMM Help : Latest Filings - what do the columns mean and how is the list used?

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    This search will return a list of documents that have been issued by, or filed by, the Commission.

    Each line in the grid returned from this search refers to a file in our library. Each file is associated with a case and with a filing. A filing is a group of files that were received by the Commission at the same time.

    On this screen, when you see column headers that have hyperlinks (e.g. Filing No., Filed Date), you can click on that header to sort the grid by that column.

      • Icon - for file type. Most of our files are PDF files. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these files. You can get this software at Adobe's web site.
      • Filing No. - Filing Number. Refers to the sequential number of the filing in the case. A filing is a group of files that were received by the Commission at the same time. Files in the same case that have the same filing number were received together. Clicking on the filing number hyperlink will open a pop-up box showing information about the filing.
      • Filed Date - The date the file was filed with the Commission
      • Document Type - The type of document filed.
      • Document Title - The title of the document. Clicking on this hyperlink will open the document.
      • Filing on Behalf Of - Who filed the document
      • Matter Case No. - The identifying number given the case by the Commission.
      • File Name - The file name given the file by the submitter. May contain information about the file not contained elsewhere.
      • File Size - The size of the file in Kilobytes

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