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00-C-0188: Local Migration Case - Migration Dispute Resolution Request Form

Case 00-C-0188 - Proceeding on Motion of the Commission to Examine the Migration of Customers Between Local Carriers.

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Migration Dispute Resolution Request Form

áááá AáMigration Dispute Resolution Request (MDRR) Formáhas been developed in response to concerns expressed in the CLEC Migration proceeding. This process is designed to request Commission Staff to informally expedite migration disputes between CLECs. Any dispute of an operational nature not related to a migration issue should be reported using the CLEC Service Operational Impairment Report Form SOIR forms
áááá Prior to submitting theá
MDRR formsáa CLEC should make every effort to escalate the issues with the other party. Only when escalation efforts have failed should a CLEC submit the MDRR. Staff will check the mailbox on a regular basis and contact the parties for informal resolution as early as possible. Staff will also track these disputes and work with the industry to address chronic problems.

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Migration Dispute Resolution Form.


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