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09-E-0115: Demand Response Initiative

This proceeding will focus demand response efforts in the metropolitan New York area where demand response is expected to be the most cost-effective. The area, served by Con Edison, experiences the greatest rate of peak load growth and the highest wholesale energy and capacity costs. The area also relies on numerous peaking generation units, some of which are relatively inefficient and produce high emissions.

Demand response measures are used to reduce peak loads. Reducing peak loads offers numerous potential benefits, including: deferring the need for new generating capacity; deferring the need for new delivery infrastructure; reducing the need to operate older peaking generation facilities, thus improving overall generator efficiency and reducing emissions; and reducing energy and capacity costs for consumers.

The proceeding will include a focus on an analysis of environmental impacts and benefits, including any impacts on environmental justice areas that might result from reduced reliance on peak generation units.

Environmental Justice
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