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Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) - Case No. 14-M-0101

Track 1

REV Working Group 1: Markets & Customer Engagement

The REV Working Group 1(Markets & Customer Engagement) is charged with gathering information related to products and services, pricing, wholesale markets, third party service providers and challenges related to and opportunities for customer engagement. Working Group 1 consists of two committees: Markets & Pricing and Customer Engagement .

Working Group 1 is being convened by Debbie LaBelle (DPS Staff, and Phil Austen (National Grid,

REV Working Group 2: Platform Technology

The REV Working Group 2 (Platform Technology) is charged with identifying infrastructure needed to enable the Distributed System Platform Provider (DSPP) to integrate, monitor and control Distributed Energy Resources (DER) in real time while ensuring system reliability, increasing system resilience, maintaining system security, maximizing energy efficiency, promoting fuel diversity, and empowering customer choice and third party participation in newly-formed markets. Working Group 2 includes one subcommittee, Microgrids and Community Grids.

Working Group 2 is being convened by Michael Rieder (DPS Staff,, Peggie Neville (DPS Staff, ), David Lovelady (Siemens PTI,, Brian Horton (Con Edison,, and Jim Gallagher (Smart Grid Consortium, .

Track 2

(To Be Developed)

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