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07-M-0548: Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard - Energy Efficiency Program Inventory

Compiled by Working Group 2

(listed by primary administering entity)

    • Residential & Low Income
    • Commercial & Industrial
    • NYSERDA/Consolidated Edison System-wide ProgramáWord PDF
  • Consolidated Edison
    • Direct Load Control Word PDF
    • DLRP Word PDF
    • Residential fuel oil to natural gas conversion Word PDF
    • Targeted DSM existing Word PDF
    • NYISO/Con Edison EDRP Word PDF
    • NYISO/Con Edison ICAP Word PDF
    • NYSERDA/Con Edison Gas Efficiency Program for 2007-08 Heating Season Word PDF
  • Division of Housing and Community Renewal - Weatherization Assistance Program Word PDF
  • Long Island Power Authority - current programs Word PDF
  • New York Municipal Electric Utilities
    • Independent Energy Efficiency Program (IEEP) Word PDF
  • New York Power Authority

(existing programs outside of New York and new, pending and/or other proposed energy efficiency efforts)
  • Best Practices Case Studies Word PDF
  • Central Hudson - proposed New York electric programs
    • Residential & C/I programs Word PDF
  • Consolidated Edison - proposed New York programs
  • National Grid/Keyspan - new New York gas programs
  • National Grid - current New England programs
  • Reliant Energy - current energy programs in state of Texas Word PDF
  • Information on Solar Thermal Heat and Hot Water Technologies
    • Proposed New York Programs Word PDF
    • California Solar Water Legislation Summary PDF
    • European Solar Water Heating Best Practices PDF
    • European Solar Thermal - Action Plan PDF

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