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Department of Public Service

Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Regulation and Oversight

Case 15-M-0180


As part of the Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) initiative, the Commission initiated a proceeding to discuss regulation and oversight of Distributed Energy Resource (“DER”) providers and products.

The Commission has the responsibility to ensure that customers participating in DER markets, and programs understand the costs and benefits of their investments and are protected from confusion, fraud and abusive marketing practices. Clear, consistent rules and uniform marketing and contracting practices are needed to:

    · prevent exploitive pricing and deceptive marketing practices to residential and small business customers
    · ensure that customers and DER suppliers know their rights and responsibilities, including complaint resolution procedures
    · provide oversight tools needed to monitor the growing markets and resolve potential issues

Key Forms

As part of DER Oversight, the Department has developed registration and Standard Customer Disclosure Statement forms for community distributed generation (CDG) projects and on-site mass market DG providers. Copies of the forms can be downloaded by clicking on the links below. The Customer Disclosure Forms and Instructions have been updated as of April 2019.

CDG FormsOn-Site DG Forms
- DER Registration Form
- Final Updated CDG Consolidated Billing Disclosure Form for New Projects
- Final Updated CDG Consolidated Billing Disclosure Form for Existing Projects
- CDG Disclosure Form Instructions
- DER Registration Form
- DG Customer Disclosure Form
- DG Disclosure Form Instructions
In order to certify that a CDG provider has provided every implicated customer with the updated CDG Disclosure Form reflecting the change to Consolidated Billing, each project owner must file an attestation with the Department of Public Service (sample provided below) affirming that they have updated the CDG Disclosure Form in their Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Supplier Registration File; sent all existing customers a notification that the billing terms will change and no other contract details are changing; and, provided all existing customers with a copy of their new effective CDG Disclosure Form.

Sample Attestation Letter - Consolidated Billing Disclosure Form

Annual Compliance Forms for DER Providers:

Annual Compliance Form - DER Providers to Staff

Annual Compliance Form - DER Providers to Subscribers

Triennial Compliance Forms:

DER Triennial Compliance Instructions


DER Registration Compliance Form for Interconnection Applicants

Key Documents

All documents related to this proceeding can be found here.

Order Establishing Oversight Framework

Uniform Business Practices for DER Suppliers - 5/2019

18-E-0130 Order Establishing Energy Storage Goal and Deployment Policy

CDG Host Allocation Review and Approval Guidance Document - 3/2020

Utility Contacts for Developer Billing Issues

E-Filing Registration and Document Matter Management (DMM) Filing Instructions

In order to file your documents with the Department, you will need to register to become an e-filer. Instructions to become an e-filer and how to submit documents in DMM are located here.

DPS Contacts

Adam Polmateer

Rebecca Sweeney

Ombudsmen to DER Providers

Alison Neligan

Central Hudson
Tom Su

Lisa Cerone

Con Ed
Sal Flagiello

National Grid
Marie Schnitzer

April Kaczynski

Orange & Rockland
Jonathan Rodriguez

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