Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment

Siting Board Forms

Request for Intervenor Funds

Eligible municipal and local parties may be able to obtain intervenor funds to defray certain costs to participate in the pre-application scoping process and in the proceeding before the Siting Board to consider the Article 10 application.

Interested parties should consult the Guide to Intervenor Funding available elsewhere on this website for more information about eligibility, the availability of funds, and the timing of funding requests.

RFIF Form 13-04-25.pdfRFIF Form 13-04-25.pdf

Notice of Intent to be a Party in an Article 10 Proceeding

The Article 10 statute allows individuals and entities to become parties to an Article 10 proceeding by submitting a Notice of Intent with the Secretary.

A note about timing: the "proceeding" does not commence until the application date, so there are no "parties" before that date. The commencement date is important because it is also the date on which formal discovery may commence under the Rules of Procedure.

Form NOIP 4-15-13.pdfForm NOIP 4-15-13.pdf