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Department of Public Service

Study on the State of Telecommunications in New York State

About the Initiative

In early 2014, the Department of Public Service notified State legislative leaders that it had launched a comprehensive examination and study of the telecommunications industry in New York. The study, which will include opportunities for public input, will include an analysis of the varying telecommunications technologies used today, including fiber-to-the-premises, cable, wireless, and landline technologies. The study will explore emergency response systems, regulatory oversight, quality of service, consumer protections, and affordability. The framework that will guide the examination includes the following areas: status of competition for communications services and networks; current and future consumer expectations; core public interest principles to be maintained; reliability, resiliency and interoperability of networks; and assessment of national and international approaches to ensuring core public interest principles and robust communications capabilities are maintained.

As noted in Chair Zibelman’s May 13, 2014 letter to State legislative leaders, it is highly desirable for the industry, education, government, unions, consumer and other public interest groups to have a forum to publicly and affirmatively present views on the current status of telecommunications in the state. Through the examination of these questions in public settings, with all the relevant stakeholders, a fair picture of the status of telecommunications in New York can emerge. The study will include public technical conferences on various forward-looking topics and formal public input to the final report. The public input will form a basic set of facts and vision to inform the Commission, Legislature and the Governor in order to set a rational and balanced approach to oversight of the interconnected telecommunications network of the future.

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