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Department of Public Service

18-S-0448: Consolidated Edison NYC Manhattan Steam Pipe Explosion Investigation

The Department's authority regarding facility failure events such as the Consolidated Edison of New York, Inc. steam pipe explosion on July 19, 2018, is granted as part of the New York Compilation of Rules and Regulations of the Public Service Commission (NYCRR).

Title 16 NYCRR Part 420.14 states that steam corporations such as Con Edison shall establish procedures to analyze each failure or incident for the purpose of determining its cause and to minimize the possibility of a recurrence. This shall include a procedure to select samples of the failed facility or equipment for laboratory examination when necessary.

The procedures also provide for complete cooperation with the Department staff in testing or surveying, including using independent consultants, any equipment or systems deemed necessary by staff for the investigation and analysis of any failure or accident to determine its cause and to minimize the possibility of a recurrence.

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Public and media-related questions about this initiative should be directed to the Public Affairs Office at 518-474-7080.

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