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97-C-0139: Carrier Working Group - Statement of Purpose Guidelines for Participation

New York Carrier Working Group
Statement of Purpose
Guidelines for Participation

Reviewing and revising Case 97-C-0139 Carrier-to-Carrier guidelines for performance metrics in the state of New York is primary purpose of this group. Carrier Working Group will address only those issues that pertain to the state of New York or are common to New York and other states.

Party participation in the Carrier Working Group is limited to ILECs, CLECs, Commission staffs and Consultants sponsored by any of the preceding entities. Active participants are requested to acknowledge their understanding of the Guidelines for Participation by providing their signature at the bottom of this document.

While parties understand that consensus does not mean unanimous approval, the group recognizes that it has historically operated most effectively by modifying resolutions of issues to the maximum extent possible to achieve unanimity and minimizing the number of issues left to the Commission for decision.
General Guidelines:
  • Carrier Working Group meetings are public however the call-in number will only be circulated to active participants.
  • All participants to a Carrier Working Group conference call must announce themselves.
  • Discussions are confidential.
  • Discussions conducted via email are also confidential and only to be distributed among active participants.
  • All subgroup and committee meetings and discussions are confidential.
  • All public documents and discussions of the Carrier Working Group activities shall contain no attribution, i.e., individual carriers' positions will not be disclosed.
  • If a party raises an issue that the Carrier Working Group decides is not applicable to New York, the Group will facilitate a separate meeting for those interested parties and the associated State Commission staff.
  • While discussions are open to all, a party may participate in the consensus assessment process only if it operates in New York. A party that attends Carrier Working Group meetings for purposes of monitoring only cannot block consensus.
  • Verizon will post the Consensus Log, Scope & Schedule List and Meeting Agendas on its website
  • Those parties interested in participating or requesting scope and schedule items may do so at Verizon's web site.
  • Parties agree to complete assigned action items in a timely manner.

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