Department of Public Service

Technical Resource Manual (TRM)

In the February 26, 2015 Order Adopting Regulatory Policy Framework and Implementation Plan in Case 14-M-0101, Proceeding on Motion of the Commission in Regard to Reforming the Energy Vision, the Commission required the utilities work collectively to support the maintenance of the New York State TRM.
    • TRM Management Committee (TRM MC): In response to the Order requirements, a Technical Resource Manual Management Committee (TRM MC) was established June 1, 2015 to assume the responsibility from the Department of Public Service (Staff), and to work collectively to support the maintenance of the New York State TRM.

      The TRM MC includes representation from each of New York's major electric and gas utilities, LIPA, and NYSERDA; officers of the TRM MC serve one-year terms, contact information is listed here:
      Harold NealeCo-chairNew York State Electric &
      Amy DickersonCo-chairNational
      Ann ClarkeTreasurerNational
      Edward Righter,

    • TRM Management Plan: The management plan describes a process that ensures each utility and NYSERDA's input is considered, all changes to the TRM are transparent to Staff and stakeholders, and an updated TRM is filed annually in accordance with the Utility Energy Efficiency Program Cycle Guidance CE-01.
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Matter 15-01319 - In the Matter of the Technical Resource Manual has been established to facilitate the transparent and orderly conduct of activities related to the TRM and aide parties in tracking developments.