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Department of Public Service

Notice of Appearance Form

To:áááááááááááAttorneys, Agents, Representatives and Lobbyists

FromááááááááMichelle L. Phillips, Secretary

Subject:ááá Notice of Appearance Forms

Download Notice of Appearance Formá(5 KB PDF)

Chapter 299 of the Laws of 1995 gave the Lobbying Commission oversight authority for the provisions ofá
166 of the Executive Law, which relates to the form and filing of a record of appearances by attorneys, agents and representatives before regulatory agencies. The Lobbying Commission also was given the power to promulgate rules and regulations and to adopt any procedures, forms, or instructions necessary to effectuate the law's reporting requirements concerning appearances before regulatory agencies; the Department of Public Service and the Public Service Commission are specifically included as such in the statute.

In furtherance of its new responsibilities, the Lobbying Commission requires the completion of aáNotice of Appearanceáform by any person who iscompensatedáto appear before a regulatory agency as an attorney, agent, representative or for lobbying purposes, viz.: aálobbyist. The Lobbying Commission has defined aálobbyistáas a person or organization, other than a New York State government employee acting in an official capacity, whoáappears for the purposes of influencingáthe adoption or rejection of proposed rules, regulations, rates, or legislation, including the State budget. Anáappearance, for lobbying purposes, can be aápersonal visit, letter, conversation at a meeting, or any other type of contact,ábut does not includeáon the recordproceedings or hearings. The Notice of Appearance form must be completed by the person making the appearance; however, the law imposes the obligation on the regulatory agency to submit the record of appearances with the Lobbying Commission.

If you are being compensated to appearáfor the purpose of influencing the outcome of a Commission proceeding please submit a Notice of Appearance by providing the requested information on the form.

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