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09-E-0310: Smart Grid Initiative

The Commission is interested in developing a base of knowledge related to utility smart grid technologies in New York to assist in its decision making in determining whether to support investment in smart grid technologies. As smart grid technologies enhance two-way communication to improve electric grid operation, there are several opportunities for improvement in New York State including: reduction in power system losses; greater demand response; increase use of distributed generation; and better outage management systems. The Commission is also interested in utility smart grid investment strategies, including associated ratepayer costs and utilization of federal funding available from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

What is Smart Grid?: Smart Grid is an aggregate term for the application of various digital technologies to, among other things, modernize and automate transmission and distribution assets to anticipate and respond to system disturbances, enable greater use of variable energy sources, including renewable energy, and provide the capability for customers to control their energy consumption effectively.

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