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Utility Energy Efficiency

In its February 26, 2015 Order (REV Order), the Commission required each utility to submit an annual Distributed System Implementation Plan (DSIP), which will serve as the template for utilities to develop and articulate an integrated approach to planning, investment and operations. As required by the February REV Order, the DSIP will be a comprehensive filing, to include information related to all Distributed Energy Resources, including energy efficiency, demand response, distributed storage and distributed generation. In order to ensure continued energy efficiency efforts during the transition to more REV-aligned activities, the order also established explicit energy efficiency budgets and targets for 2016 and set forth an annual process whereby utilities will propose post-2016 energy efficiency budgets and targets for approval. As part of that process, the order directed the filing of Energy Efficiency Transition Implementation Plans (ETIPs), to address the energy efficiency efforts specifically associated with proposed budgets and targets.

Each utility must develop ETIPs, filed annually to inform and obtain Commission approval of the utilities’ Budget and Metrics Plans. The initial ETIP, filed on July 15, will be updated annually thereafter on June 1 to support each utility’s Energy Efficiency Budget and Metrics Plan, which will be approved by the Commission on an annual basis. Upon Commission approval of the Budget and Metrics Plan, each utility will be expected to file a “final” ETIP, which shall be in conformity with the Commission’s authorization of budgets and metrics.

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